This Easter Bunny Photo Cost Me $85


Easter outfits on point!

I sacrificed basically an entire day and close to a hundred bucks for this cheesy, terrible-quality mall Easter bunny photo. Was it worth it? The husband says Easter bunny photos are not a “thing” – I think they are. Plus I’m a sucker for holidays, malls, dressing up, and fodder for embarrassing future teenagers. So obviously I was going to get mall bunny photos. First I registered for my “photo session” at the Glendale Galleria online to “hold my spot” at what I was sure would be a mall clusterf*ck. (I learned my lesson after waiting five hours for the Americana Santa pictures!) I dressed my nuggets in their vintage Easter finery and loaded them into the Jeep. We actually got there a little early! Because, you know, I expected a crazy scene. We were the only ones there. Like, anywhere in the vicinity of the pink plastic-y Easter backdrop. The teenage girl working there did not understand how to look up my reservation. I ended up having to do it myself using her iPad. Gus did not want to sit on the lap of a giant, creepy, bespectacled man-bunny. Ruby, of course, loved it. Gave the bunny a big hug. In the end, I got this one photo. Even though the package advertised that ALL my photos would be available for download, and the teenager confirmed. Let’s investigate the true price of this image, shall we?

Photo package: $30 at the Glendale Galleria mall
Vintage dress: $18, The Green Bean in Eagle Rock
Saltwater sandals: $3, thrifted (score!)
Vintage suit: $5? Thrifted; ”from” my IG shop, @amostownshop
Tiny Toms: You know, I don’t know where these came from. Hand-me-downs?
Flower crown: $10?, H&M
Baby Mum Mums to pacify Gus: $1
Gummy penguins to bribe Ruby: $3
Food Court sushi for mama: $10
Food Court pizza for Ruby: $5 (for one slice!)

And then we had the Zara impulse buys, and the accompanying Zara stroller meltdown (Ruby). Both kids napped briefly in the car on the way home, and then would not transfer to their beds. Sooooo the rest of the day was shot. At 5pm I gave up, put Finding Nemo on, and served leftover mac n’ cheese for dinner. Was my bunny photo worth it? I like to think so.