I Have Makeup Older Than My Marriage

old make up

Some frosted wear for the face. Makeup so old that even the glue for the mirror peaced out.

Today I decided to get myself done up real good. My in-laws are in town and diffusion of responsibility is running rampant. Where are the kids?! No one knows, we’re all assuming an adult is watching them when in reality no one is, but it’s the only time I can get glam.

Since having children, putting on makeup is low on the priority list but sometimes it just feels so good to put on a made face and remind myself that I still got stuff to rock. The dilemma is that my make up is hella old. I have stuff in there during the “frost is boss” phase, you know, early 2000s when the Olsen twins were pumping out movies like New York Minute and Mariah Carey was putting out Glitter. You couldn’t get enough frost on and in your face. I could just toss the frost, but then that would mean I would have to find time to buy make up and ain’t no mommy got time for that!

So for now, while I’m stuck in kid crazy town, I’ll be a walking frosting billboard for an era when we hailed the halter and donned on all things denim. Fo’shizzle.