About Us


Hello, Interneaboutmet friends! (Let’s assume we’re friends, because I’m all about that.) I’m Lindsey, a “SAHM” in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles. (That’s Northeast Los Angeles, or NELA. Hence, Poukhan and I are NELA mamas.) It’s a different sort of parenting world in our little corner of L.A.! In addition to blogging, I love thrifting, crafting, going out with other moms, watching TV with my husband, and posting pictures of my babies (and occasionally my Bulldog) on Instagram. Another large part of my life is accumulating things and then trying to sell them. Cool, right?!


_20150729_141932Hi! My name is Poukhan. I have two kids, a baby daddy, and an imaginary Corgi. Currently I’m a SAHM in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. I love to eat but I hate to cook, so I’m pretty much in perpetual angst. Myers-Briggs tells me that I’m an INFJ. Buzzfeed tells me that I’m a “Free Ranger” parent, and I’m sort of pissed about that but at the same time I’m also ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ because Buzzfeed also says I’m getting a B+ grade in life.