Mommy Brain

As I Lay Crying

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Last night I was laying in bed with a big stupid smile across my face and tears streaming off to the side of my crows feet. Why? Because I was thinking about my kids sleeping. You may think it’s completely banal but what you don’t know was the sequence of events that led up to my mania. I had just peeked into their room and stalker stared at each one of them for what felt like a minute but was really more like 10. Then I went into my room to try to sleep but all I did was replay the image of them sleeping that I had burnt into my brain. It was like the internet froze in my mind and nothing was loading for a whole hour. Isn’t that insane? I don’t know how to handle mom brain.

Mother Hustler


I’m gonna punch 2016 in the face! Oh wait, we’re already three months in…


As Poukhan and I start this blog, I’m in the middle of many, many “projects.” My crazed, manic energy could be fueled by caffeine, some warped version of PPD, or …. who knows. But I’m going with it! I’m selling children’s clothing on Instagram, making and selling jewelry on Etsy, writing (hopefully), and you know, taking care of two tiny humans. And then there’s the crafting, the momming it up with other moms, the projects around the house, etc. Things that have slipped off the to-do list? Exercise, for one. Cleaning up (right now there are approximately 32 dolls strewn around the living room). I have so much on my plate right now, but I’m really excited about it! Hormones? Maybe. High on that baby life? Perhaps. Have I had a 9.4% alcohol IPA this evening? Possibly. Or maybe 2016 is just going to be my year.